Best Podcasts to Listen to at Home

It is however no longer a surprise how podcasts have gained more attention and is gradually becoming a part of everyone’s lives. With lots of topics to talk about whether by amateurs or professionals, whether they are about celebrity gossips, tech (, shows or even fashion shows or even a love story or whatever the topic might be, there is actually a particular podcast for everyone or a particular podcast that would gain your attention.

There isn’t any day that passes by whether in an office, or in a salon or in church or even in schools where you don’t get to hear someone say something like “oh my, have you listened to that podcast”? If you don’t want to be left out on the fun then you have nothing to worry about as our best podcasts to listen to while you’re home after a long day or just relaxing has got you covered.

Ranging from feminist shows, debates, politics and even crime investigation, be rest assured that you would certainly find something that would interest you. Let’s check them out right away;

For Comedy

  • Dear joan and jericha
  • My dad wrote a porno
  • Mars corps
  • Two dope queens

For relationships

  • Song exploder
  • Modern love

For culture

  • Bookclub
  • In our time
  • Adam buxton

For interviews

  • In the person
  • Oprah’s masterclass
  • Appearances

For inspiration

  • How I built this
  • At home with

For politics

  • The guilty feminist
  • Slow burn

For football

  • The offside rule

For fashion

  • Bande a part

For storytelling

  • Teachers pet
  • This american’s life
  • You must remember this

Podcasts which are the best parts of a radio cut outs and transformed into something you can listen to anytime and anywhere is such an exciting and interesting form of technology. However, with numerous podcasts flooding the internet today, the main question is “how do you find a good podcast”? or “how do you get started”?

Our best podcasts to listen to at home features the best in various areas which you would enjoy listening to over and over again.…