The Best Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids For Free Or Cheap

You do not need a whole lot of money to engage your kids or to make them have fun. Kids need quality time and undivided attention from you. To have fun with your kids try out these ideas and use Couponobox coupons for shopping and enjoy these precious moments with your kids.

Make a craft

Kids get thrilled and appreciate when stuffs lying around can be used to make something. Craft is a great way to engage your kids. This lets your kids make something out of scrap and they get the opportunity to use their imagination. You will be amazed at how they come up with new ideas. The good think is that you can make a craft without spending a lot. In fact, most of the waste lying at home can be used to make a craft.


Kids love stories and you could take out time to read a book to them. If there are young kids at home then have a story time and enact a simple story to them. Little kids also love to read. Just make sure that you pick up a book that is appropriate for the child’s age. This is fun and also enhances their learning.

Play a sport

Children are full of energy and engaging in some sport is a great way to have fun with them. If there are young children at home then just run around in the park. You could play a game of badminton or cricket if your child is a bit older.

Board games

Play a board game with your child. It makes them think and it is a great way to spend quality time with your children. Board games are fun not only for your child but for you too.

Try out these simple and fun activities and the best part is that they hardly cost you anything.

Seven Reasons to Avoid Energy Drinks

Who cannot confess to be big on energy drinks?

Like their cousins, soft drinks, these energy drinks are addictive. And add to that their cool looking charismatic cans that make you feel cool in the head sporting one or gulping down the contents in one go!

I must say that advertisers are not helping the cause either. A lot of energy drink manufacturers are knee deep n legal trouble for claiming virtues that are beyond the product.

Here are seven reasons why we at holistic board think that you must avoid them like plague!

  1. A lot of manufacturers of these drinks will tell you that they don’t just boost your energy but they also boost confidence. They may say that they have medical evidence but in reality, a lot of courts in various countries have scrutinized their claims and they think they are all over exaggerated.
  2. What they do is infuse a lot of sugars in the drink and you know how unhealthy sugar is even in small quantities.
  3. There may be a sudden high but the peak will slowly bring with it a dive in energy and that can be really dangerous if you are engaged at that time in some activity that requires your full concentration like an on-filed sport or driving!!
  4. Caffeine overdose is another likely side effect because all the drinks have been tested in laboratories to prove that they have an excessive amount of caffeine in them which can cause stress and anxiety syndrome in their later years.
  5. There is a grim world of side effects waiting for people who load up on energy drinks. Apart from type two diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, stomach ulcers, and other lifestyle and degenerative diseases are only waiting to strike.
  6. They affect mood swings too. Serotonin level is tested to go extremely low for people who drink too much of this beverage. Serotonin is the feel-good hormone and its absence can lead to depression and other mental and psychological disorders.
  7. It can even kill you! No, we are not kidding; there has been such case in the past when death has resulted or severe conditions because of damage to internal organs has warranted hospitalization. There is still time for you; come out of this addiction!

The Ultimate Guide: How To Get A Great Beach Body

Dream of getting the perfect beach body? Here is what you can do to get the body that you would want to flaunt in your beach vacation. Follow for more ideas.

Drink water

Drinking lots of water do not make you feel bloated however if your body is not well hydrated then the water is retained under your skin, giving you a very puffy look. Make sure to cut off alcohol and caffeine and drink lots of water in a day. You will look slim and your body will be well-toned.

Pasta and pizzas should be out of your diet

You should cut down on the intake of carbohydrates and instead include lots of protein in your diet. This will help you to lose weight and burn the extra fat. Stick to food that is rich in protein like lean meat and fish. It is also important that you spread your meals. Avoid food that is rich in sugar and salt. Include lots of veggies and fruits in your diet that will help you to lose weight and also get you the beach body fast.


Sleeping helps to boost metabolism and thus make sure that you get a good six to eight hours of sleep each day. The body restores itself when you sleep and it also helps to process your food well. A good night’s sleep is important and should not be compromised upon.


Start some workouts to lose weight and get the beach body fast. You should include lots of cardio and strength building exercises. Make sure to include exercises to strengthen your core muscles. You need to make sure that all parts of your body are well exercised so that you get the best-toned body. Yoga and swimming are great exercises for a full body workout.

How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Child – A Complete Fun Guide

Many parents are quite busy in the present situation and each and every parent has to work for the betterment of the living standard and find it difficult to spend some quality time with their children.   The children in the present world are smarter and also learn the technology too fast and become addicted to either TV, smartphones etc.  It is the duty of the parents to take care of their children and also to engage them with some useful task which will enhance their skills and also leads to holistic development.

If you want to get information on the tips and suggestions to spend some quality time with your children, log on to and here are few suggestions;

  • If you find some free time try to spend quality time with your children by playing games which will make you and your children enjoy and have a lot of fun. There are many games to play along with your children and even you can have time to understand your children better.
  • Take them to the kitchen and try some interesting and easy recipes and make them get involved in cooking some foodstuff so that they can also enjoy a lot.
  • Many kids like to travel to the new spots and eager to explore some new places. You can also take them to the amusement park or any other favorite tourist spot to make them enjoy and have more fun while traveling.
  • If you are interested in gardening, you can also cultivate the habit of gardening as a hobby and make them to learn the process of gardening as well as watering the plants.
  • You can also do some craft work like painting, making models etc. which will enhance their holistic development.
  • Try to read some interesting stories for them which will enhance their literacy skills as well as listening skills and also help to enhance their creative thinking.

Top 5 Steps To Having A Great Girl’s Night Out

Like the college, days are numbered, a girl’s night out are necessary, enjoying ‘me’ time with the girls, is well-deserved party to unwind and relax, share the darkest secrets with the girl gang. Once you drive out of your house, the party is all set to begin, drive around with your besties and paint the town red with the best possible attitude and dress up the way you always wanted to while hanging out with the girls.

Top tips to enjoy the girls night out

  1. invite a bunch of your friends to your house or a friend’s place where there is no adult supervision just for a night, enjoy the time with the girls
  2. watch the craziest and wildest movie you always wanted to watch at your night out with your gals, check out for the best collections and have fun
  3. nothing like going to the mall at night and shopping at the night sale, try out the skimpiest outfit, or the tallest stilettos, well just stay on your budget,
  4. mood for coffee, just hot the famous coffee shop, order the best and the cheapest food and talk your heart out, the gals can never have enough gossip and attention at night
  5. enjoy a movie at the nearest cinema hall or a night concert that you always wanted to, there are must-attend a concert of the latest youth sensation singing n your town, blow off the money for the first row tickets, you will never regret it later

Love dancing, just swings to the moves and grooves with your girl gang, dance your way the entire night, you might end up being the best pole dancer you ever imagined to be. Make a video of the fun and frolic, keep it with the girls and it might be the best you ever had once you grow older and watch memories.…

The Best Outdoor Physical Activities for Toddlers

Children should be encouraged to indulge in physical activities. We all know the benefits of being active for growing kids. With more physical activities they feel happier, they feel hungrier and eat well. All these aspects together help them to grow healthier and cross all the milestones on time. Physical activities can be supervised and the children can be left their own devices after a certain age in a secure environment.

  1. If you have a lawn, then you can put up a few things like a swing where the children can have fun with their siblings and friends. Some other safe games for them will the lawn an attractive place for all the neighborhood children.
  2. The swimming pool is a good idea but remember that it needs to be cleaned and well maintained and kids should be supervised while they are using a pool.
  3. You can put up a tent of an appropriate size, depending on the number of kids in the lawn. You can choose a tent from this reviews of the tent available in the market. A foldable tent can also be taken while going for picnics or fishing and kids can have many small tea-parties for their friends.
  4. You can create a jungle gym or obstacle course for the kids. This can be made using tires, wood planks, ropes, and sand etc. It does not have to be very complicated. The main aim is to make the kids be active without getting hurt.
  5. Have some empty space where the kids can play their favorite games like hopscotch.
  6. The allure of a cycle cannot be underestimated. So buy a good cycle, with trainer wheels if needed and helmet for the kid. Teach your child to ride a bike and then allow him to ride it as far as you allow him to go otherwise.

Outdoor activities are good at any age, but these are essential for kids. These can help them develop their physical attributes but also help them to develop their social skills. The technology is changing our lives but uses it to add more fun to the activities of your child and see them blossom.

The Difference between Short Term and Long Term Loans

Loans are of different types. There are short-term loans and long-term loans.

What Are Short Term Loans?

As the name suggests, these are for a short period. These include your payday loans, loans for a short period from a small-time local lenders, resource upheld loans, etc.

These loans last up to a maximum of three years. They are generally taken for an emergency or when the borrower is sure about the income and wants to meet the financial requirements in the meantime, without having to wait for the income.

Though these are for a short period, the fees or interest rates are high and the number of requirements for loan approval is less.

What Are Long Term Loans?

These, on the contrary, are for long periods of time, like the home mortgage loans, auto loans, etc. These loans are based on the credit score of the borrower and the number of requirements for the loan to be approved is high.

Since there is a considerable amount of risk involved for the lender, he will ensure the money lent will be returned. They not only consider credit scores and ask for a number of documents but also ask for collateral.

Collateral is generally required for secured loans. If one is opting for an unsecured loan, the rules are stricter, the interest rates are higher and no collateral is required. Credit cards are one of the most common unsecured loans.

Do You Need One?

One of the first decisions to be made while investing in a big project is to decide if a loan is required. Large projects that are spread over a long period like building a theme park, a mall or even a single movie theatre requires both time and unlimited money supply. In such cases, a loan is a mist but the borrower has to ensure he takes the right loan.

If it is a smaller project, one can still take a loan for part of the amount and try to use their own money instead, or repay the loan before term. This will reduce the total interest payable.

One can get a good idea about loans and their ratings from This can facilitate your decision in opting for certain loans.

How Entertainment Became An Empire

After the basic needs of humans are met their brains want more from life and it does not stop thinking. That is how entertainment, be it music or circus, movies, and drama and literature, everything slowly evolved. This is the most critical difference between the other animals and humans. We can think and have new ideas and always want more and better experiences in our lives. In an extraordinary turn of events, an empire of entertainment was created around a small mouse in the form of a cartoon character.

Entertainment has become one of the biggest industries now. Just an idea in someone’s mind can get evolved into a movie, game or novel or for that matter into a software miracle like the internet based games and video apps. A new demand from people and investments from enthusiastic angel investors have encouraged more people to enter the market. Though this is not really a basic need of human beings, entertainment has evolved into one sector, that cannot be ignored either.

From an electronic device to play games to the latest Bluetooth enabled virtual reality games, if we look at their evolution then we can see that all these germinated from a small idea of some genius. Now, these apps and entertainment systems have created their own empires. Some of these apps are available free of charge, at least until some market is created for them. On the other hand, the others are sold at premium rates.

Taking inspiration from the evolution of Disney empire that started from a little cartoon of a mouse to the latest VR games, many new apps are being launched in the market every day. Some of these are SAFE APPS, creating a helpful and honest interface for the people who download and use them. all the apps may not be safe and secure for use by people of all age groups. That is one aspect that you must keep in mind while downloading and using an app. Check for its authenticity and then download. For all you know one of the small app created by you may become into a goldmine for you in the future.

4 Simple Techniques to Sound Like A Pro Guitar Player

Absolutely, there exists no limitation or age bar for learning how to play the guitar.  Further, it improves our skills in creativity and the ability to coordinate things. However, it is true that young people grasp matters quickly when compared to the adults. Still, if you have patience and you are determined enough to become a good player, then consistent practice is all that you need.

You may choose with the best acoustic guitar for beginners to start with. Specifically, it is the strike of the strings that brings the tunes in.

Know the tips that could make to play the guitar like a professional.

  1. Seek an opportunity to absorb something extra every day about playing this instrument. It can be anything related to a chord or riff play, trying to create a fresh melody, following a different strum pattern and so on.

Maintaining this knowledge acquiring habit can automatically

  • add up your involuntary musical talents
  • enhances your muscle memory to strike for totally new concepts,
  • make you a better performer by assisting in playing the guitar effortlessly.
  1. Memorize and practice the prime scale intervals as this form the root of most chords and strings. Understand the pattern of scale and modes distribution so that you can perfectly harmonize it in your own style to form the variety triads or so.
  2. Note the C chord and focus on the B chords. A pro player knows how to easily handle the chord bars and can effortlessly identify the new places on the neck to play any trendy tune. This is also applicable to the E chords too.
  3. Challenge yourself and flip your fingers through every chord of the guitar which may not be even related to each other. You may be lucky enough to generate a new theme though. Also, crazy enough to play your favorites. This, in fact, build up your vocabulary.

The Ultimate Guide: Going Out Alone To Meet New Friends

This one caught my fancy and I am going to tell you exactly what to do when you want to go out all by yourself and meet newer friends.

Also, I would be more convincing about it because at one point in time I was exactly like this and aloof. I mean I had a couple of very close friends and when we split like a friendly split. One of them moved out of the country after getting hitched and the other one went out to work in a different state, I was practically all alone every weekend thinking of all the possible fun we could have had if the toe minions were there too!

But at one point I decided and told myself that I had to go out to make new friends. I could sit lingering about old times and make myself feel miserable. So, I did and I cannot tell you how liberating it was!

Here is the guide:

  1. You don’t miss important events:

If there is an event that you love to attend and you are feeling awkward going out alone, keep your mind away from thinking about it. Concentrate on what you are going to wear and accessorize yourself with. If it is a lecture then what preparation are you going out with and if it’s an entertainment event then how well are you going to catch everyone’s attention with your dressing up! This will help you frame a positive outlook towards going out and before you know you would be there!

  1. Meeting and making new friends when you are by yourself is more comfortable when you are alone. When you are with your old friends, you will notice that you hardly bother to look around or talk with others. In a way, you are missing a lot of learning and experience.

  1. You can go out at your own terms!

No one to nag you to comply going back early or stay later than what you intended. You are your own prince and you know when to call it quits. Recently, I had been to a real course that taught hands-on online mixing and mastering and I realized that being alone did not matter too much to me anymore. I was so comfortable in my own skin. You will be too, trust!