The Best Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids For Free Or Cheap

You do not need a whole lot of money to engage your kids or to make them have fun. Kids need quality time and undivided attention from you. To have fun with your kids try out these ideas and use Couponobox coupons for shopping and enjoy these precious moments with your kids.

Make a craft

Kids get thrilled and appreciate when stuffs lying around can be used to make something. Craft is a great way to engage your kids. This lets your kids make something out of scrap and they get the opportunity to use their imagination. You will be amazed at how they come up with new ideas. The good think is that you can make a craft without spending a lot. In fact, most of the waste lying at home can be used to make a craft.


Kids love stories and you could take out time to read a book to them. If there are young kids at home then have a story time and enact a simple story to them. Little kids also love to read. Just make sure that you pick up a book that is appropriate for the child’s age. This is fun and also enhances their learning.

Play a sport

Children are full of energy and engaging in some sport is a great way to have fun with them. If there are young children at home then just run around in the park. You could play a game of badminton or cricket if your child is a bit older.

Board games

Play a board game with your child. It makes them think and it is a great way to spend quality time with your children. Board games are fun not only for your child but for you too.

Try out these simple and fun activities and the best part is that they hardly cost you anything.

Seven Reasons to Avoid Energy Drinks

Who cannot confess to be big on energy drinks?

Like their cousins, soft drinks, these energy drinks are addictive. And add to that their cool looking charismatic cans that make you feel cool in the head sporting one or gulping down the contents in one go!

I must say that advertisers are not helping the cause either. A lot of energy drink manufacturers are knee deep n legal trouble for claiming virtues that are beyond the product.

Here are seven reasons why we at holistic board think that you must avoid them like plague!

  1. A lot of manufacturers of these drinks will tell you that they don’t just boost your energy but they also boost confidence. They may say that they have medical evidence but in reality, a lot of courts in various countries have scrutinized their claims and they think they are all over exaggerated.
  2. What they do is infuse a lot of sugars in the drink and you know how unhealthy sugar is even in small quantities.
  3. There may be a sudden high but the peak will slowly bring with it a dive in energy and that can be really dangerous if you are engaged at that time in some activity that requires your full concentration like an on-filed sport or driving!!
  4. Caffeine overdose is another likely side effect because all the drinks have been tested in laboratories to prove that they have an excessive amount of caffeine in them which can cause stress and anxiety syndrome in their later years.
  5. There is a grim world of side effects waiting for people who load up on energy drinks. Apart from type two diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, stomach ulcers, and other lifestyle and degenerative diseases are only waiting to strike.
  6. They affect mood swings too. Serotonin level is tested to go extremely low for people who drink too much of this beverage. Serotonin is the feel-good hormone and its absence can lead to depression and other mental and psychological disorders.
  7. It can even kill you! No, we are not kidding; there has been such case in the past when death has resulted or severe conditions because of damage to internal organs has warranted hospitalization. There is still time for you; come out of this addiction!

The Ultimate Guide: How To Get A Great Beach Body

Dream of getting the perfect beach body? Here is what you can do to get the body that you would want to flaunt in your beach vacation. Follow for more ideas.

Drink water

Drinking lots of water do not make you feel bloated however if your body is not well hydrated then the water is retained under your skin, giving you a very puffy look. Make sure to cut off alcohol and caffeine and drink lots of water in a day. You will look slim and your body will be well-toned.

Pasta and pizzas should be out of your diet

You should cut down on the intake of carbohydrates and instead include lots of protein in your diet. This will help you to lose weight and burn the extra fat. Stick to food that is rich in protein like lean meat and fish. It is also important that you spread your meals. Avoid food that is rich in sugar and salt. Include lots of veggies and fruits in your diet that will help you to lose weight and also get you the beach body fast.


Sleeping helps to boost metabolism and thus make sure that you get a good six to eight hours of sleep each day. The body restores itself when you sleep and it also helps to process your food well. A good night’s sleep is important and should not be compromised upon.


Start some workouts to lose weight and get the beach body fast. You should include lots of cardio and strength building exercises. Make sure to include exercises to strengthen your core muscles. You need to make sure that all parts of your body are well exercised so that you get the best-toned body. Yoga and swimming are great exercises for a full body workout.