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“North of Nashville” CD
“Live at the Rack” CD
Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt
Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt
Trucker Hat


“Jay and Andrew were schooled in the words of The Highwaymen and North of Nashville falls in line with the gospel of Willie, Kris, Waylon and Johnny.”
The Alternate Root Magazine

“Basiner delivers … realistic lyrics of lost or more forcibly rejected love. The orchestration is quite impressive coming from just two individuals.”
My Joog

“Basiner’s voice has a good, rich, twangy tone to it.” — No Depression

“Features ten songs filled with the classic sounds of pure country. Beginning with the slow gallop of “The Lady And The Outlaw,” led by Martelle’s fiddle, you instantly get a sense that they carefully craft their sound for the country music lovers.”
JP’s Music Blog

“The pair of mult- instrumentalists, who have just released their self-titled debut, play acoustically, for the most part, but drag that sound in an outlaw direction by anchoring it to a pronounced Waylon boom-chick beat.” — Boston Globe

“The polished, crisp-sounding collection showcases all the things that Basiner and Martelle are known for. There’s Basiner’s strong, engagingly twangy vocals, there’s excellent fiddle work from Martelle, and there’s an honest, sincere approach to writing
country songs, which sets them apart from the legions of mainstream country artists.”
Bangor Daily News

“All songs are penned by the pair and present an eclectic and dynamic style, combining shades of country, bluegrass, honky-tonk and rock into a seamless fusion of feeling and melody.” — Alan Cackett